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Twelve ways to stay on the job
Addy's golden rules
Dealing with a mess
About Addy's Guide
Keep listening
Dating(1) - did I say something wrong?
Dating (2) - phone calls are different
Am I like Addy?
How to survive meetings
Falling asleep
Addy's Brain
Applying for a job
Pills 'n things
Hyperfocus rules!

Research on ADD


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About Addy's Guide

What’s the matter with Addy?

Addy sees, hears and feels a lot of things at the same time and Addy’s thoughts are never at rest. For Addy it is very difficult to stay focused on anything, unles it is something very nice, attractive or exciting

That’s why I try to make this guide nice, attractive and exciting with very short chapters. But that doesn’t mean Addy’s mind will not start drifting. And if it does, it is not a problem. Because who knows where it will bring us.

Ah, so are you Addy or are you writing this for Addy?

Well, let's put it this way. I'm Addy, but Addy is also a very young fellow. And his little brother. And I suspect also their baby sister. But also their daddy. And that’s me. And I started this guide with these kids in mind.

And what about me?

You? Well, who knows. Read and see if you recognize yourself in Addy. You might start with ‘Am I like Addy?’. But honestly, a lot of people that are not that much like Addy after all still find this guide very useful.

Ok, so if I am more or less like Addy, this guide tells me exactly what to do?

No way. It basically suggests strategies to manage yourself. Strategies that work for one and don’t work for another Addy-like person. So it’s really a matter of experimenting with them and finding out  what works for you.


Addy Massau



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