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 Addy's brain

Addy has ADD, fully: Attention Deficit Disorder.  I will try to explain what this means for Addy’s Brain.

ADD has a lot to do with the front side of the brain, right behind your forehead. This particular part of the brain deals with attention and concentration. It makes it possible to do something without being distracted too much. It filters out the things we see, hear, feel and even upcoming thoughts that have nothing to do with what we are trying to do.

Addy’s front side however, is generally a bit laid back. Perhaps even lazy. This means it does filter very well, so Addy tends to pay attention to everything that happens around or inside Addy. Thus, Addy is easily distracted.

Moreover, the stream of thoughts in Addy’s head never stops. New thoughts keep popping up and it often is quite a jungle of thoughts in Addy’s head.

This is sometimes really exhausting.

Nevertheless, a lazy front side has some advantages. It makes you see things that others overlooked, it makes you have truly original ideas. Moreover, it can make you flexible and enables you to imagine what soeone else is thinking or feeling a bit more easily.

There’s still a lot of research going on to establish what exactly does and does not happen in an ADD brain and what the couses and consequences of the lazy front side are. You can read more about that in the Research on ADD section.



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