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Dating (2) – phone calls are different

You would almost start to feel guilty. You felt like flying and floating when you were with her and when she called for the first time, you were flying on wings of excitement and floating in an ocean of intimacy. But the second time felt just a little more down to earth. And the third call was too long for you already and the fourth call was not something you looked forward to.

And then you saw her again and the wings and ocean were fully back.

  • Don’t worry. You’re still crazy about her. Be sure to let her know!

  • Phone calls are really not your thing. Sometimes they feel overwhelmingly good, because of the sudden intimacy, the sense of her presence and the sensation of suddenly having someone to share your heavy load. But that is exceptional, so cherish it. And that this good phone feeling doesn’t last is not a sign of something negative. Let her know or feel that, because she is aware…

  • Tel her how you feel like you never done before. Or think of something else to make it exciting. Focus on that. Every time you are on the phone with her should be an adventure.

  • Think of discussing this with her. Perhaps she understands that calling every day is not such a good idea. Once per two or three days could be better. That would keep it more exciting.



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