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Addy’s golden rules

Addy does not exactly like rules. Addy doesn’t pay attention when you explain them and forgets to apply even the most simple ones. The only nice thing about rules is that it is sometimes very exciting to break them.

So actually these are not rules. These are slicky tricks that apply in a lot of situations. They help you to feel good if you should feel miserable. And to stay clear and alert. As clear and alert as is reasonably possible for you.

  1. We can keep on discussing what you can not do. Forever possibly. But important is only to remember one thing: you have a gift.

  2. Be your own coach and be tough. Be your own bitch, kick your own ass.

  3. Be in love. Always.

  4. It’s great that you are able to forget. It’s a blessing. It helps you to be happy.

  5. Explain how things work in your head to people who are willing to invest in you.

  6. Love people, even if they do not understand you.

  7. What was this thing you had? Right, a gift!

  8. Listen to the music.

  9. What was this thing you had?

  10. Talk to yourself whenever it is not embarrassing.


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