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Am I like Addy? 

Some of Addy’s most typical characteristics:

  • To be distracted easily, especially by things that are not relevant to what Addy is supposed to be focusing on.

  • To have difficulties with planning.

  • Having a hard time finishing things – especially finishing in time.

  • Too little focus on details.

  • Having trouble listening to instructions.
  • Forgetting and loosing far too many things.

  • Be extremely focused when doing things that Addy finds very interesting or exciting.

  • Having ideas that no one else has.

It is essential that Addy has these characteristics during his whole life, not just in a certain phase.

If you recognize yourself in these characteristics, you may have an ‘attention deficit disorder’. There are several online tests (this one, for example) that you can take if you want to be more sure, but of course it is always best to consult a specialist.



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