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Keep listening

He is a good speaker. That’s not the point. Or maybe it is, for you are listening to his voice and wondering what is so fascinating about it. And he has a spot on his shirt in the shape of Africa. Or South America. You could actually picture the world in spots on shirts. And someone drops a coffee cup in the next room. And it sounds like some car is racing on the street outside. Is that a dog you hear?

Shit. You really had the intention to listen well and pick up at least half of what was being said. Now you have to do too much guessing to fill up too many holes.

Perhaps this helps next time:

  1. Scratch, tickle or punch yourself. Anything that generates some physical feeling may help to focus.

  2. Give a lot of feedback, by nodding or shaking and if possible by saying things like ‘yep’, ‘really’ and ‘oh my god’. Of course, there is a point at which this gets crazy, but you’re not even remotely near this point. Really.

  3. Think of questions that you can ask. Preferably interrupt with these questions.

  4. Try to remember keywords. One for every sentence.

  5. Write something down. Keywords, short phrases. Anything. Underline important words.

  6. Doodle. It doesn’t matter if it’s abstract or not, lines or circles, ugly or pretty. Well, you know how to do this, for you have been doing this a lot already.

  7. How could this be told better? Listen as if you were to judge. Or as if you were a coach who is going to tell the speaker how to improve his talk.



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