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How to survive meetings

You’re just sitting there. Speechless, between all the moving lips. Your colleague who’s sitting next to has a smell that puzzles you and the man at the opposite end of the table makes broad gestures when he is contradicting someone.

The air around you is thick with opinions, commitments, compromising statements and questions. And one of those questions was obviously directed at you, since everybody is watching you in quiet anticipation of your statement in this matter of high importance.

You mumble but you have no idea what you are trying to say…

In a meeting it’s always a good idea to be as active as possible. Pose questions, check if you got it right, be the chairperson or take care of the minutes.
But still, you know you may always be caught by a question while your thoughts were not really there and you have no clue what the subject at hand is.

You could try any of these (success is not guaranteed, however …):

  • ‘Yes, well, I was actually thinking of something that mabe even more important’ – and then you introduce a new topic.

  • ‘I don’t know what to think yet. Peter, what are your thoughts on this?’

  • ‘Does it matter that much what I think?’

  • ‘Well, let me just say that I’m very happy’

  • ‘I’m still waiting for something I didn’t hear yet. Ask me again in a few minutes.’

  • ‘Sorry, I had a terrible night and my mind is still a bit foggy. Give me some time to think this over.’

  • ‘I think it’s fine. Absolutely.’ Eventually with a cynical tone or expression.

  • ‘Sorry boys, but this discussion is not going anywhere. Please tell me what the heck we are talking about here.’

  • ‘I’m so sorry. I have an attention deficit thing and I was gone for a moment. What were we talking about?’



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