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Dealing with a mess

It starts with a few small piles here and there. Or even just a few things like sheets of paper, towels, dishes. Perhaps one or two socks. But slowly these things start to form piles, the piles collapse and become hills.  The hills start floating somehow and finally there is an ocean which has a life of its own with an interesting kind of beauty and amazing specific dynamics.

But you will never find anything that you are looking for in there.

Perhaps this helps:

  1. As is often the case: nobody will ever understand how difficult this is for you. Try to understand that. This means you can be very proud of yourself even if nobody sees a reason for it. For example if you just made a pretty good start.

  2. Don’t wait until you feel like it. Feeling like it is a wave that comes and goes irregularly – you can’t ride this wave.

  3. Attach sticky notes to the wall. After every five, ten or fifteen minutes (depending on the magnitude of the job) you can take one of.

  4. Sort everything in big piles first. Then refine your sorting procedure and go to smaller piles.

    One way to do this is to sort everything in four piles: urgent, important, not that important and obsolete. Next you refine the urgent stuff, then the important stuff and finally the not that important stuff. Of course the obsolete pile has been omitted by then.

  5. Make a NOP (Not Our Problem) box. This box contains everything which is not very important right now. After two weeks you throw this box away.

  6. Work fifteen minutes on your mess and then do something totally different for fifteen minutes. After that, you return to your mess.

  7. Write down how long it took you and do it quicker next time.

  8. Before you start, do something you like for fifteen minutes. Something like listening to music or playing a game.

  9. Make a daily routine of tidying up.

  10. Give yourself a small amount of money every time you’ve cleaned up the ocean. This way you could save for something very nice.


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