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You really told everything. That you were sometimes not that attentive, sometimes a little unfocussed, but your heart is full with love. And you were really thinking that you were doing quite well. Sometimes you were in fact quite attentive. And were you not always listening? What the #$% could you possibly do more?

Well, some of this may be good advice to you (also read the dating and listening sections):

  • Know what your partner is going through.

  • Let your partner know that you know what he or she is going through.

  • Explain that you sometimes need some space to relax your mind and that you need this more than normal.

  • Try your best to be attentive. It’s important.

  • Having a brain like yours can l to a relationship. That’s too bad, but there’s mostly nothing you can do about it. It’s just not possible for any type of person to live with you. When you’re in love, it still looks quite easy.

    A little chaotic sometimes, in need of some space seem like things one can live with at a certain point. But they can turn out to be harder than one thinks.

    Some even think they can change you. Although you told them very clearly that they can’t (you can grow and learn, but that’s something very different…).

  • It helps if you love yourself. It helps very much, actually. Because it shows. And it helps you to find the balance between what you can ask and what you can give.

  • But it also helps if you work on yourself. Because there is a lot you can learn and there are many ways to grow. Showing your partner that you are willing to do that can be an effective way to show you care.



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