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Falling asleep

You are so very tired. Every element of your body wants to sleep. But your thoughts keep on coming. One thought upon the other, thoughts twining, thoughts exploding. You drank fifteen glasses of warm milk and counted thirteen thousand two hundred and twenty six sheep.

What you could try:

  • Go and lie down somewhere else. On the couch, perhaps. Or on a pile of pillows.

  • Change the position of your bed. You may just take the mattress if the bed is too heavy. Lay it down at the other side of the room.

  • Try to keep your eyes open for as long as you can.

  • Allow yourself to think, but only of good things and nice people.

  • Imagine a river running through your head. It sweeps away all your thoughts, again and again.

  • Practice yoga.

  • Put on some relaxing music. Stress relief stuff.

  • Follow your imagination to the Mediterranean. Or Hawaii. Walk around there. Take a swim. Taste a cocktail.

  • Write down your thoughts in keywords on a piece of paper and put that next to your bed. Any emerging thoughts may be written down. Now you’r supposed to be able to let go of all written down thoughts.

  • Read a book.

Sleep tight.



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