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Your book is still at your desk. Still showing the same two pages. For hours. You’re starting over again and again, realizing at the fourth paragraph that you have no clue what you’re reading. Tomorrow is the big test and you have been sitting here, wrestling with your focus, for two days already. This sucks. Moreover, it’s a waste of time.

Is there still a way to make it?

No. There is not ‘a way’. There are a lot of ways that sometimes work and sometimes don’t work. Try some and try another if some don’t work.

  • Try your teacher to give you an assignment or write a paper instead of an exam. You might try to find out if this works better for you. Some teachers are flexable.

If you have to go for the exam, try to get busy with the material:

  • You can orate the text, read it out loud theatrically. Make a show, perhaps in front of a mirror

  • Underline important words. Try to score then words a page. Or twelve words a minute.

  • Make a crib. Even if you’re not going to use it.

  • After each paragraph or page, tell yourself what you just learned.

  • Make a website on the subject.

  • Make a graphical representation of what you are learning.

  • Prepare a lecture on what you are learning. Make a PowerPoint with movies and pictures. Give your lecture to your dog Bob. Or to mister mouse. Or Graham, your goldfish.

  • If you have to write a paper it’s still not easy, but not as catastrophical as an exam. You should try to just begin and then keep it going. To just begin: make a table of contents and impulsively give some content to every part. You might even just use keywords. And ignore the manuals that say you should know what you’re going to write about before you start. That’s for the rest of humanity, not for you. Just read enough to be able to make this table of contents. And by filling it in, look up what you need and read as much as you need to write a few lines. If this goes well and you’re really advancing, don’t stop. You can eat later. And sleep too. Just smoking can be a kill-joy. Perhaps this is a good time to quit?

  • For many it works to team up. Perhaps with someone you like to impress. Or with someone that you like to compete with?

We haven’t discussed motivation and inspiration. It’s just hard to generate these if there is no spark that might possibly hit you. Sometimes it works if you just accept that you are not motivated by the material (if it would not be a book but a well made documentary this would be different – and hey, don’t forget to check for online documentaries…). I think Addy sometimes has to get the drive out of scoring the points for the certificate. Or out of the challenge to get it despite everything.


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