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Twelve ways to stay on the job

  1. Work from the heart!
  2. Be in love, be angry, be happy, be irritated. And be everything as intense as possible. Intensity makes things exciting (even things that are actually very boring) and this helps you to focus.

  3. Work from the head!
  4. Be inventive. Develop tricks, way around things, strategies. See the challenge in accomplishing things that you are not good at, doing it your way.

  5. Do patchwork.
  6. If you have to write, write a bit here, a bit there, a paragraph at the end, a section in the middle. This looks like something very chaotic. And in fact, it is. But you’re making something that can grow. Like a site. Or a Powerpoint slide show.

  7. Make a plan and don’t stick to it.
  8. Work your way back from the end. And stop doing that by working on something in the middle. Do something first that you planned to do later.

  9. Challenge yourself
  10. Set very tight deadlines, so that you can deliver an extraordinary achievement if you make it. And be extraordinary proud if you do.

  11. Use your imagination
  12. Your imagination is a mighty tool. You can make boring things exciting, color a world that is grey and enjoy it. And sometimes your imagination provides clues about the real world too. This is called modeling.

    But there’s another thing: with your imagination you can visualize your goal. See it, smell it, bite it.

  13. Seek the flow
  14. Sit down and think. When was the last time you were doing something, being fully concentrated, without any effort ignoring the world around you? What were you doing? Building castles at the beach? Writing a love letter? Were you perhaps discussing something that was of the utmost importance to you? Were you working against a tight deadline?

    Make a list of activities that totally absorbed you. Now analyze. What did you do, why was it absorbing you?

    Try to make everything you do feel like the moments on your list.

  15. Use all the tools you can get
  16. Paper planners, digital planners, to do lists, task lists, reminders, sticky notes, planning boards. Find out what works for you, as long as it works for you and then try something else.

  17. Team up
  18. Having teammates can stimulate you. See to it that they are good and well structured. This gets the best out of you.

    Resist the tendency to team up with people who are as creative as you are. Of course they are more fun to work with, but you have more than enough creativity by yourself.

  19. Target the next tree
  20. It’s great to have a goal and visualize it, but sometimes it is too much of a very long way. Learn from the jogger who wants to run ten miles, but is exhausted after five. His body tells him to stop. And his mind agrees with his body. He focuses on a tree, just a few hundred yards away and decides that he has done well if he reaches it. Once he reaches the tree, he targets the next tree, a few hundred yards away. When he reaches nine miles this way, he will be close enough to the finish to make it.

  21. Talk to yourself.
  22. Talk about what you do, think aloud. Perhaps sometimes you’re doing this already – know that this is fine and that you can do it more often to help you to stay focused. ‘Well, now we had eleven, we can go to twelve’.

  23. Twitter
  24. Twitter has been invented for Addy. Try it and do not give up easily.
    Facebook is fine too.





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